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All the experts are experts on what was. There is no expert on what will be. To be an 'expert' on the future, vision must replace experience - David Ben-Gurion

God wants to restore us to his original intent for us. He wants to reconnect us to who he made us to be. Who God has called us to be goes beyond our age, reputation, successes, and failures. As we open our hearts to the Holy Spirit, he will help us dream the dreams that God had for us before the earth began.

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In the purpose of God, this is a time of refreshing and a season of restoration. Restoration is bringing something back to the original intent in the heart of God. It is an act of lavish grace. If we align ourselves with what God is doing and embrace every aspect of his restoration, we will enter a new sphere of life.

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Who you are in Christ is irrelevant outside your connection and contribution to the body. The fact that your hand is great is irrelevant if it is detached from the body. It doesn’t matter how great a hand is, it can never be an eye. So, plug into the body, find your place, and start doing your part by asking: how do I use my gift to serve the body and advance your kingdom?

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