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You cannot change what you don't confront or transform what you avoid - Miles Munroe

I realise now that even though he looked so big and mature then, he was younger than I am now. A man with five kids in his early forties, he held a mid-management government job. He clawed his way out of poverty with a technical school qualification to insulate his own family from every trace of his earlier life in a polygamous home. He never experienced the love of a father yet he displayed more than he’d ever received.

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Pride and Prejudice

I was about to get on a flight to London via Amsterdam and was currently in the waiting area at the boarding gate of the Lagos International airport. In spite of the recent commendable expansion and refurbishment of the airport, this waiting area was still congested, hot and rowdy. I decided to engage in a bbm conversation with my wife; partly because I wanted to but also because I was trying to get my mind off the growing irritation I was feeling…

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I was scheduled to catch a flight back to Nigeria from London so I looked up my flight itinerary with the intention of checking-in online and printing my boarding pass. I noticed that I was actually scheduled for a 6:30am flight and not an evening flight as I had assumed. All through this trip, I had been anxious to get back home. Apart from the fact that I missed my family, my trip to London was out of necessity and not leisure, so I was focused on getting what I needed to do finished as soon as possible and heading back. However, a 6:30am departure would mean having to get up at 3am for a 3:30am cab to the airport. I would also have to cancel several appointments I had set-up for the following morning when I had thought I would still have a full day in town before departure.

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