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All the experts are experts on what was. There is no expert on what will be. To be an 'expert' on the future, vision must replace experience - David Ben-Gurion

Kingdom Communion

When we pray for deliverance and national transformation, God hears us. In the world and in our nation the Lord is coming. We are living in a time where God is bringing His body into divine alignment and just as in Egypt, the gods of the earth are being judged. God’s intent is to liberate His people. The closer God gets, the more everything that can be shaken will be shaken so that only what cannot be shaken, roots that are eternal, remains. We need to learn from those who have gone ahead to avoid falling prey to bad decisions.

One of the values God built in Israel as they stood poised for exit from Egypt was identity based on community. This was counterintuitive to their slavery or captivity mentality, which was every man for himself.

Address the whole community of Israel; tell them that on the tenth of this month each man is to take a lamb for his family, one lamb to a house. If the family is too small for a lamb, then share it with a close neighbor, depending on the number of persons involved.1

On Passover night, their unity of understanding, faith, and obedience judged Egypt and was the final catalyst for their deliverance.2

In Noah’s time, deliverance was only found in the Ark. Today God is building an ark and just as in that time, we must come two by two. Two is the number of agreement—brothers and sisters locking arms in the spirit of covenant love, fighting for and upholding each other. In the coming days, our lives will be shaken like everyone else’s, but we will stand and thrive by following the instructions of community. The anointing for deliverance is released in unity.3

In any elite fighting force, you don’t fight for yourself, you fight for the person next to you, and in so doing everyone moves forward as one.

As we dig deeper into the doctrine of identification and our new nature in Christ, we see that each of us is a body part.4 Therefore, if I want to know who I am in Christ; I have to know more than what Jesus has done for me. I have to also know who I am in the context of his body.

Who you are in Christ is irrelevant outside your connection and contribution to the body. The fact that your hand is great is irrelevant if it is detached from the body. Although it looks like a hand, it is not functional. Every body part has great attributes but also great limitations. It doesn’t matter how great a hand is, it can never be an eye.

So, plug into the body, find your place, and start doing your part by asking: how do I use my gift to serve the body and advance your kingdom?5

God is building us into a strong community based on our identity in Christ, an identity that is stronger than family, ethnic, or national bonds. Our unity in Christ will judge the world and usher in God’s purpose for His church.



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Carlton Williams

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