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It is no longer up to God to 'do'. Since the resurrection, it is now up to us to believe - Carlton Williams

About Carlton

Hi, I’m Carlton Babatunde Williams,

I love God, life, and my family and I’m passionate about raising leaders and influencing society.

I am the founder of Niara, an eco-system for inspired innovation to solve socio-economic problems in Africa. Niara manages a business network, hosts a yearly Inspire-Africa conference and runs a Leadership and Governance Institute where I am Chancellor.

I am also the founder and pastor of High Life, a vibrant faith-based community in Lagos Nigeria, focused on raising transformational leaders and influencers of society.

My first degree was a B.Sc in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Lagos (great Akokite!) followed by an MBA from Cass Business School in London and doctorate from the North Carolina College of Theology. I also attended the DOMATA School of Missions and School of the Local Church, both in Tulsa Oklahoma.  I developed my professional life over the past 30 years in many roles in computing and finance while also serving as a pastor and active as a conference speaker. 

My life mission is to help people discover and demonstrate the full potential of their God-given magnificence.  I love to help people see the resources available to them to live lives of impact and relevance. I believe that one person can make a difference to a generation and I try to demonstrate this belief in my focus on the individual.

I write, speak, and pastor.  I live in Nigeria with my wife Anita and have four wonderful children: Vanessa, Keona, Zain and Zoella.

Apart from my active itinerary, I love chess, cycling and music.


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