Hi, I’m Carlton Babatunde Williams,

My mission in life is to help people discover and demonstrate their God-given purpose, leading to the joy of personal fulfilment and service to humanity.

I have a clear and passionate teaching style, helping believers to see who they are in Christ so that they may live lives of impact and relevance to God’s glory. Whether speaking to thousands at international teaching conferences or smaller groups at local assemblies, my belief that one person can make a difference to a generation is expressed in my passion and focus on the individual.

My ministry roots started in 1985 during my college days where I pioneered a Christian fellowship called The Love Ward. This fellowship grew to several hundred strong and served as the foundation for many Christian ministers who are in active ministry today.

After my ordination in 2001 under Grace Fellowship in Tulsa Oklahoma, I founded The Wordcentre: a vibrant and dynamic church in the heart of London England, teaching God’s word with a refreshing approach. I also founded and was dean of INSIGHT, a weekend Bible training programme focused on establishing the believer in practical application of doctrinal truth.

I moved to Nigeria in 2007 where I established High Life Church and I’m expanding into different ministries all armed with the purpose of helping people explore, experience, express, and exhibit the higher life of God with joy.

I completed my doctoral studies with the North Carolina College of Theology in 2017 where I obtained a Th.D. My quest for continuous learning has made me a voracious reader.

I also like to cycle, play chess, and listen to music. I live in Nigeria with my wife Anita and have four children: Vanessa, Keona, Zain, and Zoella.